About Us:

It all started with a fistful of notes hand-scribbled on the back of envelopes scrounged up from the door pockets of our family minivan.  If my son was going to survive (and improve) in lacrosse, he was really going to need some objective data by which he could judge his own performance. 

But the mad scramble to total up stats at the end of every game got old and I decided to do something about it.  On a whim, I created a smartphone app that would allow me to keep stats in real-time, thus making such calculations unnecessary.  It worked so well I decided to share it with others.   


I started LaxTracker LLC as a (tiny) special purpose Maryland company to create broadly available, low cost player development tools for lacrosse players.  By combining the handheld genius of Apple’s spectacular iPhone® with the power of the Internet, we can offer easy-to-use, lacrosse-specific applications at a price that nearly all players, coaches, parents, and fans can afford.

Our products are designed to be easy for novice supporters of novice players to use while still providing valuable information to elite players and coaches. We began with guidance from a veteran advisory panel and will revise and refine the apps based on critical feedback from our users. 

I hope you find them useful and well worth the relatively small amount we must charge to make the whole effort viable. 

Henry S.

PS: We believe strongly in supporting the broader lacrosse community.  For every app we sell, LaxTracker LLC will donate $1 to the US Lacrosse Foundation. 

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