About the application:
The first iPhone® application designed specifically for lacrosse goalies. This application records data about every shot - whether it's a save or a goal, its location, direction, distance and defense - and allows you to generate instant performance reports. Simple screen layout permits even novices to record valuable shot data.
Portable - use it right from the sidelines
Powerful - generate immediate results
Comprehensive - capture both objective and subjective data
Track progress - accumulates data for trend analysis
Improve performance - identifies both strengths and weaknesses
Track possession plus/minus - records takeaways and turnovers
Track multiple goaltenders - handles player changes mid-game
Record playing conditions - temperature, wind, playing surface and lighting
Integrated mapping function1 - no more getting lost en route to distant matches
Integrated phone and text message capability1 - communicate easily with coach or AD
1iPhone version only
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