How Do I Score a Game?

The essential steps are:

  • open the application

  • enter match data (teams, starting goalies, etc.)

  • begin scoring (key in specific data for every shot)

  • close the match

  • upload to the web

  • review reports (on device or on web)

What counts as a "shot"?

Only shots on goal count when evaluating goalies.  Every shot on goal should be entered as a save or a goal.  Shots fired wide or high of the goal are non-events and should not be scored for goalie evaluation purposes.

What is a "shot on goal"?

Any ball fired at the goal that, but for the goalie's presence, would have entered the goal counts as a "shot on goal".  The goalie does not have to make the save with their stick or even make any saving gesture at all for it to count.  Indeed, a ball they do not see that hits them squarely in the chest or bounces off their helmet counts as a save.  They earned that save through good positioning.

What if I only saw part of the play? 

The game is so fast that this will inevitably happen to every scorer.  The rule is: score what you actually saw and no more.  If you saw only a save but couldn't determine its location or distance, score the save only and enter no further data for that shot.  We provide a special key for this circumstance: hit "save" then "DK" (for "don't know") in the top right corner.  The save will be used for save percentage purposes only and affects no other data.

What if I hit the wrong key?

If you hit goal when you meant save (or vice versa), simply hit the "undo" key at top between goaltender names.  This key (which resembles a counter-clockwise arrow with a "1" in the center) appears only after touching Save or Goal.

If you touch the wrong key in the secondary screen where you record Bounce, Defense, Distance and Direction, simply touch the button that you meant to touch.  Until you hit "save", all these buttons can be changed at will.

Note: if you need to change the shot placement (Zone), thumb up from the center of the secondary screen and select the correct zone from the available buttons.  You can also switch saves and goals here.

Why does the bottom menu disappear when I'm Scoring? (iPhone/iPod)

To save screen space, the menu slides down and out of the way whenever the Scoring screen is open.  To see the menu again, thumb up from the bottom of the screen. The menu will appear again for 5 seconds.  If no selection is made within the 5 seconds, the screen slides out of sight again.

How do I change Periods?

Thumb up from the bottom of the scoring screen to reveal the menu choices, select "Period", and advance or turn back the period. 

How do I change Goalies in mid-game?

Thumb up the menu from the bottom of the scoring screen to reveal the menu and select "Goalie".  Either select an existing goaltender or "Add New" and proceed. 

What's a "Plus"?  What is a "Minus"?

These represent possessions taken or given away by the goaltender, generally through non-save activity.  Examples of "Plusses" include Pick-offs, Traps, and Run-outs.  "Minuses" would include bad outlet passes and turnovers.

Why do I have to "End" the game?

Touching the "End Game" button records the data as a completed contest.  To maximize data security, users should always formally "end" every game scored and upload the data to the web. 

NOTE: Since no guarantees of data preservation can be made through licensed use of this application, it is strongly recommended that users upload game data to the web and then export that data (in Excel format) back to themselves for safekeeping.

Where do I find the Reports?

Immediate game statistics appear at the bottom of the Scoring screen: Shots on goal, Saves, Goals and net Plus/Minus.  In addition a user may:

Touch the "Reports" menu item at the bottom of the screen for access to additional detailed information. 

What Kind of Reports Can I Run?

The "Shotlog" provides a sequential list of every shot recorded.  Users may edit or delete shots from this report

The "Possessions" report provides a sequential list of every possession gained or lost by the goaltender.  Edits and deletions available here too.

The "GameSnap" report offers a quick game summary including # of Shots on Goal, Save Percentage, One-on-nones, One-on-nones Saved, Soft Goals, and net Plus/Minus.  In addition, thumbing up this report calls up a graphic display of shot placement.  Both the number of shots per zone appear as well as the save percentage by zone.

What kind of reports are available on the Web?

lf the user has properly registered and uploaded game data to the Web, larger and more readable sample versions of the above reports may be viewed at www.istopshots.com.

More detailed reports are available on a subscription basis.  See the website for more details.

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