User Instructions:

Startup: Touch the iStopShots icon and wait for the home screen to appear.  Select either "New Match" or "Resume Match".

"New Match": takes you to the Match screen where you enter the names of competing teams and select the starting goalies before entering shot data.

"Real Match or Practice Match?": The key to this choice is whether you wish to save the data.  Real Match requires a bit more time to get started but preserves the data for uploading to the web.  Practice Match starts immediately but will not preserve the data.

"Resume Match": takes you directly to the Scoring screen of a previously saved game.  Touching this button triggers a prompt asking if you are certain you wish to reopen an officially closed game. Exercise caution because changes made to a previously saved game will overwrite prior data entries. 

"Match" Screen: where you enter Match-related data. Fields containing an asterisk (*) are mandatory and must be completed; all other fields are optional.

Date | Time: default is date/time on device; user can change.

Scorer: record name and contact data for person scoring the match

Location: enter city and state where match takes place

Teams: select "Home" and "Away" teams.  If none listed, "Add New".

New Team:

Full: Enter full name of team "The Northwest School"

Abbreviated: enter one-word name "Northwest"

Team Color:

Primary: select primary team color

Secondary: select secondary team color

Address: enter full address; iPhone users have map function

Tel #: enter team telephone number; iPhone users have autodial & text

Head Coach: enter contact information for team Head Coach

Athletic Director: enter contact information for Athletic Director

Save Teams: you must save the team selections before you can enter the players.

"Players" Screen: select either Home or Away team and choose starting goaltender.  If none listed, use "Add New".

Player Data:

Name: enter first name, last name

Team: select player's team. If not listed, "add new".

Jersey #: enter player's jersey number

Gender: select male or female

Stick: select left/right as appropriate

Date of Birth/Age: enter date of birth, app will calculate age

Height: enter height in feet and inches

Weight: enter weight in pounds (lbs)

Grade: enter current school grade.  Change Grades using "Edits"

Time in position: enter month and year player began defending goal

-Hit "save" to retain player data

-Confirm All Match Data:

Confirm starting players for both Home and Away teams and hit "save" again.

Application will verify teams and players.  If correct, hit "Okay" and application takes you to the Scoring screen.

"Scoring" Screen: the primary data entry screen. Use this screen to record shots on goal, saves, goals, pluses and minuses.  Note: in iPhones and iPods, a bottom-to-top thumb swipe on the display calls up a hidden menu of additional functionality from the bottom.  If no item selected, the menu automatically disappears after 5 seconds.

Top Line:

-Clock: All scoring events are time-stamped for sequencing purposes. Note, the app records time of day; this is not a game clock (too much work).

-Home Team goalie last name or number and team

-Away Team goalie last name or number and team

-"DK" button: used to enter a save or goal where other shot data is uncertain or unknown (stands for "Don't Know").

Center Section: the primary touch points used to enter shot data

-Left- and Rightmost columns:

"+": used to record a possession gained by the goaltender other than by save

"Save" button: used to record a save

"Goal" button: used to record a goal

"-": used to record a possession lost by the goaltender

-Home and Away Goal Displays

Shows home and away goaltender images and nine shot placement touchpads.

Bottom Line:

-Period: displays current scoring period. Must be manually changed using "Period" choice on pull-up menu.  New games display "Per 1" as the default.

-"SOG": "shots on goal".  Important: a shot on goal is one that, but for the goalie's presence (whether active save or lucky block), would have entered the goal.  Clean shots that strike the goalpost without first deflecting off the goalie do NOT count as a shot on goal. Shots that traverse the crease do NOT count as a shot on goal.

-"SAV": any shot blocked by any part of the goalie's body or stick that would otherwise have entered the goal.  The goalie need not catch the shot in his or her crosse.  A shot taken dead center to the chest counts as a save.  A shot that strikes the goalie's helmet and caroms wide counts as a save.

-"Goal": any shot ruled a goal by the game official.

-"SAV%": save percentage. The number of saves divided by the number of shots on goal.

-"+/-": Plus/Minus.  A measure of ball possessions gained or lost by the goaltender by means other than a save.

-"End Game": button used to terminate scoring of game.

How to score a Save:

1. Touch green "save" button on Home or Away side as appropriate.  Touching "save" activates shot placement touch points 1-9.

2. Touch the shot placement touch point that corresponds to the location of shot.  Example: shot low between the legs would be touch point #5 (the infamous "five-hole").   Touching the placement touch point activates the Shot Data screen.

Note: use center zone 8 to score any shot stopped by the goalie's body (arm, leg, foot, head).

Primary Shot Data Screen:  Enter bounce, defense, distance and irection

-Bounce: if shot bounced off the ground prior to save/goal


-"None": shooter breaches defense completely to make an uncontested shot

-"Partial": shooter is only partially pressured by an unsettled or non-functioning defense

-"Pressure": Shooter is properly pressured by a settled and functioning defense

-Distance: measured in yards (men)/meters (women)

<5 less than five yards         < 4m less than 4 meters

>5 more than five yards      
< 8m less than  8 meters

>10 more than ten yards     <12m less than 12 meters

>15 more than fifteen yds   
>12m more than 12 meters


- "Left" - shot made between goal line and half the distance to center line (angled 45 degrees) to the goalie's left hand side facing out.

- "L CTR" - shot made between left 45 degree line and center line

- "R CTR" - shot made between right 45 degree line and center line

- "Right"  shot made between goal line and half the distance to center line (angled 45 degrees) to the goalie's right hand side facing out.

-Man Down (men): shot made while defending team shorthanded

-8m Penalty (women): penalty shot awarded from 8 meter mark

Secondary Shot Data Screen: Enter additional shot data as appropriate via bottom row menu option ("thumb-up" on iPhone/iPod)

-For saves:

"Big Save": exceptional save on difficult or high pressure shot

"Stuff": shooter's shot smothered by goalie's crosse

"Screen": view of shot obstructed by offensive or defensive player

-For goals:

       "Good Shot": exceptionally hard or well-placed shot

        "Screen": view of shot obstructed by offensive or
        defensive player

"No-Step": goalie failed to step to the ball

"Deflection": path of shot altered by carom off stick or body of offensive or defensive player

"Soft": goal allowed that this particular goalie routinely stops easily

"Error": goal caused by fundamental goaltender mistake

"Notes": space for entry of other noteworthy factors

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