Known Issues:



Screen orientation spontaneous "flip", freeze, or shutdown

  • We have confirmed the bug.  It hits iPhone 5 users running IOS 7.  It will take some programming hours to cure.  We will post here again to advise when the cured version is back up on the App Store.  We apologize for the bug and appreciate your patience.

  • Two reports in the past week which we are investigating but have not yet solved. Stand by...



Upload Function Not Working - Fixed 4/16/13

  • Our website host, Network Solutions has been experiencing a DDS - "denial of service" attack that blocked access to our site.  Intermittent at first and then total the last two days.  Turned out not to be the problem.  Problem was expiration of certificate for SSL security.  Our fault (second year in a row [forehead smack]). Apologies to all.
  • 04/12/13 as of this morning, we seem to have access again to the website but upload is not yet working.  We are doing all we can to sort this out and will post when the problem is resolved.
  • Remember that your data is still secure in your devices and you can still score cases for upload once we have upload working again.


Upload Function Not Working - Fixed 04/06/12

  • Users may receive an error message: "Unable to connect to remote server, please check your network settings and try again" 
  • We believe we have identified the issue on our server and we expect to have it cured within 24 hours. 
  • Re-starting the app will not cure nor will cold reboot of your device
  • DO NOT delete and reinstall the app or you will lose any game data not previously uploaded 
  • Please stand by and we should have it up and running again shortly
  • You may of course continue to score games in your device and then upload them once the problem is resolved
  • Thank you for your patience and we apologize for the interruption in service



Startup Crash - Older Devices

  • Current version will only work with iOS 4 or higher fo the iPhone and 3.2 for the iPad.  The App Store "Requirements" do not make this clear.  The current version is written in "universal" code so that it will work for both iPhone and iPad.  Unfortunately, this required the newer operating system.  If this means you purchased an app that you can not use, please email us at support@istopshots.com and we will gladly refund your purchase price. 


Grey or Blank Screen

  • Some users have reported an intermittent problem:  when returning to score a shot after a period of inactivity, they find the screen grey or blank.  If this happens, the first thing to try is simply clicking the home button to exit the app then tapping back into the app.


  • If that does not work, then try rebooting the device.  Do this by holding the power button down for approximately three seconds and then completing the "Slide to Power Off" finger swipe.  Once fully shut down, count to five then press the power button again to restart the device.  The app should open normally with no loss of data.




Screen orientation in iPad

  • Rotating the screen from portrait to horizontal cuts off part of the screen image and freezes the program.  Workaround: lock out the rotation function using the small switch next to the volume control.

    Bug found and cured in version 1.02.


Upon Release:

Web Reports

The printouts from the web reports are Kludgy.

  • The color borders may not print out like they look on the screen. If this occurs, check your browser print settings to make sure they "print background".

Excel Exports

  • if you get an "Access Denied" message when you go to download an exported Excel spreadsheet, please notify us at support.istopshots.com.  We're having issues with our domain host.  It's easily fixed via a simple reset procedure but that it keeps happening is annoying.  Hope to have final solution here soon.


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