Subscription Reports:
Purchasers of our iPhone App enjoy three free data uploads to sample the reports.
Shot Log Report   Possessions Gained/Lost Report   GameSnap Report
Sequential listing of all shots color-coded as saves or goals. Report includes running total save %, shot location, bounce, defense, distance and direction plus subjective shot factors as recorded by the scorer. Can be sorted by player, saves, goals. Can be exported as Microsoft Excel file for raw data storage.   Sequential listing of all possessions gained or lost by the goaltender other than saves/goals. Will show pick-offs, ground balls, run-outs, wide saves, bad outlets and turnover. Displays color-coded cumulative possessions gained and lost and final net total. Can be exported as Microsoft Excel file for raw data storage.   Displays side-by-side summary game statistics including: total shots on goal, save %, one-on-nones, one-on-nones saved, soft goals and possessions gained/lost. Includes graphical display of shot placement by number of shots and save %
Event Log   Game Report   Sav-alyzer™
Sequential listing of all recorded shot or possession events displayed in the order of occurrence. Can be exported as Microsoft Excel file for raw data storage.   A combination report that displays both hard game statistics plus weighted save percentage. Highlights strong saves, "shrug-offs" and possessions gained and identifies potential areas for improvement.   Select specific combinations to see how save percentage changes with shot characteristics. Example: calculate the save % for all partially defended bounce shots from ten yards out on wet artificial turf. Any difference right to left?
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